Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The truth determines your success

My daily web surfings, have led me to possible insights, on how; our future may be determined.
One must first understand that the universe is comprised of 3 things. Matter, energy and conciousness.
Matter and energy, naturally gravitate to a chaotic state.
Conciousness is able to interact with matter and energy, to create something , or establish order. Or it can create more chaos...
When this is simulated in a computer using the "EEQT" Event Enhanced Quantum Theory, If the system is the universe, and a conciousness unit observes the system; after a while, the system jumps.
If the conciousness unit observes reality, as it is, (the truth), with appropriate expectations, the system jump, is toward creation and order.
If the conciousness unit has a distorted view of reality, (lies and deceit)with unrealistic expectations, then the system jumps is toward, chaos and destruction.
The jump toward chaos takes a longer.

This is why it is important to see the world as it is. To realize that daily our perceptions are easily manipulated through illusions, hypnotism.


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