Thursday, March 24, 2005

The value of history

Even before moving into this house. People would tell me about the strange feelings they got, as if, this place was haunted. Even our cat, when we brought the cat. He stayed in one spot for about 7 minutes, then darted out of the house. The cat has always stayed nearby. But he has preferred staying away from humans, ever since. Today someone was asking about the cat. Well I happened to see him when I went to the post office today. I asked him how he was. He immediately recognized me an came over into the car. Through my open driver's side window. He sat on the dash in front the steering wheel, while I talked to him. I asked to come and visit sometime. He let me scratch him around the ears and then slowly left walked acroos the hood and was looking to poke into someone's garbage bags.
Soooo On the way home I met an elderly gentleman 92 yrs old. He lives 2 houses away. I asked him about the history of our house and if anything had ever happened there. Well we have a shed that was an addition added later. I have always wondered about the burned scorch marks on the massive wooden beams. Apparently some died in a house fire, a couple of miles away from here. Our shed is a part of that house that was taken from that house; moved here and attached to the house we are presently living in.
Many years ago the person living here, was showing someone how to clean a gun. The gun went off just as his daughter was entering the house. She received a .303 bullet, in the mouth, and died.


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