Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Magus and The Swamps of Eugnosia

The Magus and The Swamps of Eugnosia

A letter from Magus.
"...the Good Lady Cindy of Sheehan, she who fights the BushLiars in her slain cub's name and does Noble Battle to save the cubs of all the other Mama Bears whose soldierkinder do yet live.

'Twas in that epistle to Cindy Sheehan that the Magus described to you, and told you truly True, of the most likely theft, misdirection and futility of participation by all the millions of poor, humble, honest American citizen-prisoners in a phoniest of phony groups of false opposition, dotted and undotted orgs. Poor, hoodwinked and desperate to be heard and seen, to have effect one at all as yet, they've invested everything they had, as yet, into what could only be a False front collection of "opposition" and "progressive" groups.

If the valuing of its sum total be rightfully placed upon the Proof of its Works, then this movement is most useful for GWB and his PTB Masters. They are benefiting enormously from the utter lack of any real and effective, organizated opposition, a worldwide deficit, not just domestic.

Said covert, more than highly likely COINTELPRO, operations were most timely established, in the years immediately pre-junta, by the notorious, but, so we are told to believe, oh so very repentant Mr. George of Soros, Bilderberg mogul extraordinaire.

Now, read again, what is quoted above, reposted at last for these perilous times. 'Tis from a document, a True Work, that I'd thought was long lost forever, and now, good but most painful to see, it has been returned to warn all Humanity. 'Twas written first by those of us, way back then, way back when, way back there while and after we'd first learned the hard Truths it tells.

No, we never "quit" or "sold out" as they swear. A covert, domestic COINTELPRO war took us out. At terrible costs for all of us, we fought with all we had back then. Helplessly we watched as, one by one, like pins in the bowling alley, our compaƱeros y compaƱeras began to fall.

In every community, in every human rights, civil rights, democracy advocacy, labor rights, voting rights, womens rights, gay rights and anti-war group or organization, no matter how small, peripheral or fringe, all of our Leaders, our Doers, our Thinkers, our Organizers, our Musicians and Artists and Poets, all of our greatest Lovers of Humanity, and our Trying-To-Be-Liberators of all started getting killed, committing suicide and having fatal accidents, along about 1968 and onward.

They began getting arrested by the thousands, from 1968 onward, and especially after the launching of the "War on Drugs" against them in 1972. Any counterculture figure, from any walk of life, no matter how noble and saintly, began being summarily convicted for crimes done when and where they hadn't even been there, right after the Manson and Einhorn cases had turned judges and juries against us all, from 1970 onward.

The rest were found dead or with their fine brains permanently burned out by overdoses of drugs they'd never been near to at all, or else by suddenly lethal potencies of drugs that they'd taken safely, recreationally, for years without either addiction or other ill effects, until, by the time the SLA was slaughtered to the last woman and child in 1977, in the crawlspace beneath its Philadelphia safe house, the movement was gone.

Those of us left alive had been stricken by a mysterious malady of our minds. Thanks to the Lady Laura, to whom he is forever indebted for finally making it all make sense, the Magus now understands that we were bombarded with brain wave manipulations galore, our thoughts disrupted frequently by mind control technologies and EM bursts, and those of us who have made it back to full clarity and intellect have paid an enormous cost in damages to our bodies and health.

To this day, the Magus has yet to have encountered other former 60s activists who can, and do, clearly, sequentially and with full integration, remember precisely when and why did the action, the movement stop, as to their own active participation in it. To nearly all of us, memories of the years 1972 through 1977 are patchy, disjointed. Everything is sharp before that and after that, but those 5 years are "blurry."

Then, in 1980, AIDS struck and was ignored completely. It was deliberately left to ravish the last remnants of the intellectual brilliance, organizational skills, drive and creative talents of a generation that had launched a powerful, nearly successful rebellion against tyranny in any form, building gratefully upon the works and with the help of the Depression era populists and union folks.

By 1990, almost no one was left from the radical 60s who might have been able to step up into any leadership role, or to guide and encourage the youth of the next generation. Robbed of older peers by all this, and being told the "irresponsible and selfish Baby Boomers who just sold out" Lies, they sadly became and called themselves "Generation X". They still do not know the Truth of what had really happened to those "Boomers" who should have been there to mentor and nurture them. Anyone who might once have filled that role was gone, at least in mind, or in jail, or mental institutions, or graves.

The "Boomers sold out" Lies have reigned for 35 years. But Woodstock is not all that we were and did, nor does it tell the tale truly, my friends, nor fairly, nor do ought than painting the lot of us clowns. But, we were Truth's fighters, and they took us down. The Magus tells Truly because he was there, and right to this minute, old wounds bring him tears. Yet, obviously, he never quit: He IS here.

A Posteritous Admonition

"How To Spot A Spy" you must learn truly for yourselves.
I bid you do, please, now, my Friends, Mark these Facts I tell.
Police accounts and "histories" may have recorded else,
But we were naive victims of fell Liars and foul Stealth.

Be wiser. Be forewarned, then Be less gullible than we.
Be smarter and Be bolder, and then, most of all, Be Free.
Be all you can Be, and you'll Become all that you must,
And do not put your trust in those the easiest to trust.

Bidding You Fondest Delighting in Truths and Things Real,



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