Sunday, February 12, 2006 dangerous to humans

[quote=Marie]I wanted to share this site with you, it's called Educate-Yourself, and what I've seen seems very credible. It reached conclusions similar to the Cassiopaeans on many points, but they take a slightly different angle. The "Insight on aliens" seems basically the same as the C's message, but they call reptoids "demons". Anyway, there's a particular page I wanted to show: it's a threat letter from some COINTELPRO pawn in which he ends up saying a lot more than he really meant to. I found it, well... informative and creepy.[/quote]

Yes as you say they seem very credible. But being credible and seeming credible are not the same.
As you say "they take a slightly different angle" this, may also be known as twisting the truth.

Let's look more closely at
According to web archive their first web page went up in 1999.
Stating"dedicated to the proliferation of accurate knowledge"
Accurate knowledge should mean checking facts, having verifiable evidence to back up those facts.

By March 2000 the site was stating future possibilities.
"late Spring or early Summer of 2003. The North and South Poles will shift from their *current location."

In may 2000 he mentions his "mentor and partner in crime, Merlin Wolf, and another man. "
Hmmm he refers to himself as a criminal?
Freudian slip, honesty or just referring to himself and his mentors in a derogatory manner.

Who is this other man? Is he another mentor, he does not want to reveal?

Who is Merlin Wolf? According to, he is a "health researcher/inventor, Merlin Wolf"
Wolf advises to use honey while making colloidal silver.
He does not show any research as to the effects just "Why this happens, I am not sure-but it works!"
Just believe him because he say so.

By June 2000 Ken begins to promote Ted Gunderson

So who is Ted?
Ted L. Gunderson worked in his early years of the FBI as a Cointelpro agent.

"The FBI COINTELPRO program was initiated in 1956.

Its purpose, as described later by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, was
"to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize activities" of those individuals and organizations whose ideas or goals he opposed. Tactics
included: falsely labeling individuals as informants; infiltrating groups
with persons instructed to disrupt the group; sending anonymous or forged
letters designed to promote strife between groups; initiating politically
motivated IRS investigations; carrying out burglaries of offices and
unlawful wiretaps; and disseminating to other government agencies and to
the media unlawfully obtained derogatory information on individuals and

If this was Ted's stated agenda early in his career.Why should we believe that all of a sudden he changed his priorities.
Because he says so? I would seriously investigate this Ted's ulterior motives, before promoting him as one of the good guys.
A little common sense is in order.

Ken goes on to state"The recent accusation of radio talk show host Art Bell leveled at Ted Gunderson was intended to discredit and undermine Gunderson's credibility"

"Nationally known radio talk show host
Art Bell filed suit against CIA Ted Gunderson,
Bell claimed Gunderson called him a child molester
on a Radio talk show, Art Bell won the lawsuit."

Are we to believe Ken or The court.
Ted has lost many other court cases and continues to pay restitution charges on some.

Back to educate-yourself .org, what else does Ken promote.
In 2002 Ken begins to promote Don and Carol Croft.
Ken says"I hereby nominate Don Croft as the front runner"
he goes on to say
"I don't think you can find two braver souls on the face of the planet than the Crofts."
Ken goes on to compare Don Croft to John Wayne; who is known for, promoting the slaughter of American Indians on the big screen.
Ken lets us know that Carol is talking to aliens, "Even the aliens have told Carol: "He's Crazy!"

"Don is convinced through psychic sources (especially Carol) and info from friendly aliens that...
ELF mind control towers WILL NOT FUNCTION without the presence of negative DOR energy.
....That is the reason I am posting these stories and encouraging you... "

(So that's why Ken Adachi is promoting this, because Don is convinced)

Orgone generators are said to magically transform negative energy into positive energy.
Don't know how, don't know why, just believe!

I will place Don Crofts writings in " "and my comments ( )

"It feels very real to me"

(Hypnotized people say the same thing.)

"It’s apparent that good guys conspire just as much as parasites do, except the good guys love and trust each other and the bad guys wait for opportunities, such as, a sign of awakened compassion, to tear each others’ throats out."

( Good guys lie and trust each other.)

"Carol helped me develop the Terminator by using her special abilities"

(Terminators were made without any research or facts.)

"The vortex, the energy of which was being ‘stolen’ by the grays, straightened out to its natural form within a few hours & the aliens departed after letting both of us know that they were very perturbed."

(Could they be tricking you?)

"Some of the Wingmakers are Atlantean elders—it’s actually impossible for us right now to determine who, precisely, they all are."

( So they could be evil; you don't know.)

"Most psychic people realize that only beneficial races and entities are able to be on or in Mt. Shasta."

( Do you know most psychic people? Is this a lie or based on factual research? Who has asked most psychic people about Mt. Shasta? How many people are most psychic people? Is that over 50% of all psychics?)

"This partly lead to our knowing that a holy handgrenade in ones living quarters will guarantee that the unbalanced energy will be transformed and returned to the source as good, balanced orgone, which is rejuvenating, stabilizing and even reduces fear and anger."

( What kind of guarantee is this? Do I get my parts refunded if it is not true? How do you know? Many people knew the world was flat for a long time; until it was proven false.)

"This is in contrast to what happens when an orgone accumulator encounters an unbalanced orgone field: it absorbs the bad orgone and becomes toxic."

( Do you have any factual scientific evidence to back up this claim?)

"The ET’s were furious & some of them began following us."

( Do you have any proof you are not being tricked? Do you have any proof you are not being controlled?)

"Carol and I are getting that a full fledged world war has been averted, though the City of London will perhaps be destroyed by a lunchbox nuke—one of the many they’ve ‘lost track’ of.
This would instantaneously terminate the power of the international banks and their stranglehold on all of the governments of the world (including ours). It would end the exploitation of the world’s resources as well as stop the organized genocide of Africa and related ‘eugenics’ programs. The power vacuum left by the disappearance of the UN, the delegates of which are all appointed by the same individuals that operate the IMF, can and will be filled by an elected world parliament."

( All parasitic psycopaths in the world, would be eliminated with a nuke in London? )

"James Hughes had told me that 15 Hz will be Earth’s resonant frequency then. We made our Terminators to operate at that frequency on a hunch and it has far exceeded our expectations."

( A hunch. No research? No scientific facts? Here's some research and facts.)

>We are beginning to understand that brain rhythms, their synchronization and de-synchronization, form an important and possibly fundamental part of the orchestration of perception, motor action and conscious experience observe that low frequency functional stimulation of STN at 15 Hz, i.e. within the 15–30 Hz range of STN oscillations detected ... worsens akinesia.

akinesia = Loss of normal motor function, resulting in impaired muscle movement.

(So these terminators are harmful; according to research.)

"The Montauk Boys Program was based on Reich’s findings and the researchers forced the boys to engage in sodomy in order to get psychic control over them. Carol told me that the reason I was particularly uncomfortable at Montauk is because I had been one of the early recruits as a child. "

(Is he still being controlled? Do we have any proof he is not?)

"I hadn’t mentioned that we had put HHg’s in two other vortices in Florida—one just off the coast south of Palm Beach, the other one in Miami Beach, where the Stonehenge-type arrangement was recently unearthed. Carol got telepathically that the B Sirians needed these vortices to create the conditions for their materialization here."

(Does this mean that materialization requires humans to lose motor function?)

"The work we are doing is beyond most of the pioneering orgone work that Dr.Reich had done because ours was based on orgone generation, not orgone accumulation, therefore it’s apparently incorruptible. The predatory regime that usurped Dr. Reich’s good work for their own destructive purposes can’t even understand the basic Holy Handgrenade."

( You did no scientific research, so neither do you.)

"Dr. Reich was imprisoned and murdered shortly after his work with the Cloudbuster got into full swing. That was when the parasitic ET’s had just established a partnership with the leading governments of Earth, so disabling their ships was probably rocking the boat pretty severely. "

(Notice that orgone generators never do that ! ie: Just ET's making Carol think they are mad and furious.)

"Zappers are far more effective in curing illnesses than any orgone devices alone are (the Terminator has a significant orgone-generating component) and so are a much greater threat to the drug/medical cartel than Dr. Reich’s inventions were"

( Any scientific proof to back up this claim?)

"I saw a UFO which flew across our field of vision in front of the car. It disappeared but not before Carol also saw it. She told me it was the reptilians and they wanted to let us know that they’ll be our friends and allies from now on."

( Enemies do not change there nature because they say so. You've fallen for the oldest trick in the book.)

"Up until that night in Salem, we considered them parasites, but it suddenly occurred to me that if they are native to earth, as we are, we should try to come to terms with them. Besides, they had been with us long enough for me to feel that we had a relationship of sorts with them. They hadn’t harmed or provoked us. The B Sirians, on the other hand, had been harassing us and marking our bodies with their implants."

( Many parasites live on earth, that does not make them less harmful, or change the relationship)

"I verbally addressed them (they’re telepathic but I wanted to make my intention clear) and promised that I will never aim the Chembuster at them. One of the reasons I had built it was to be able to shoot down UFO’s, which I had considered anti-human. The spiritually advanced races don’t use physical ships to come here, I’d come to believe. So the first thing I did when I initially set up our Chembuster was to ask Carol where the B Sirian ship was that was monitoring us and pointed the Chembuster at it. Carol sensed extreme alarm from the aliens and said that the ship instantaneously shot into space, out of range though still in line with where I was aiming."

( If I am walking away from a puppy. The puppy barks at me and startles me. That does not mean I am running away from him or scared of him.)

"We later came to understand that all antigravity craft of the parasitic aliens and humans are powered by nuclear fusion. These reactors are all vulnerable to the Chembuster because they require a deadly orgone field to sustain their nuclear reaction. The B Sirian craft still won’t come close, though I made the same peace offer to them. "

( Now you know about all antigravity craft of humans and aliens?)

"As soon as I made the gesture to the reptilians, Carol told me that they were grateful for the promise and were after all just following us because they were curious to know what we were up to."

( Do you have any proof that you are not being tricked and controlled by them?)

"On the way to Portland we were late, so I asked the reptilians to run interference for us by causing the traffic cops to look the other way or drop their donuts when we were speeding. I drove by a couple of Maine highway patrol cars at over 80 mph right after that and Carol said they didn’t see us. I felt a very strong sense of gratitude to our new friends. This was the first of many such episodes. It reminds me of the closing scene of Casablanca where Rick and Louis walk off arm and arm as new friends and allies... "

( Retilians encourage you to be dangerous to yourself and others.)

"The original Cloudbusters had to be connected to a body of water. Moving water was preferable. If one touched the pipes while they were drawing in the bad energy it caused intense pain and even unconsciousness. I had read about one case in which the person who touched a cloudbuster in operation was nearly killed and had to recuperate in a hospital. A spark was seen to go from the pipes to the person. Electricity and orgone are always present together in varying proportions. I had suspected that the orgone generator would take away the harmful aspects of the Clouduster and make it more portable. The results have far, far surpassed my expectations."

( You stated what your expectation was "One of the reasons I had built it was to be able to shoot down UFO’s" You never shot down a UFO as Dr Reich did. Yet you claim that your invention is better than Dr Reich. It seems your expectation has been lowered to below; what an orgone generator can do.)

I’m content to work on a ‘need to know’ basis, since the explanations wouldn’t mean very much to me in my present state of awareness.

( Yes; sadly, your present state of awareness cannot comprehend explanations. When anybody tells someone, it is on a need to know basis; it is because they do not want the person to know the whole truth. Knowing the truth might change the person's actions.)

Yes Marie it is creepy. How a person's blind faith, can lead them down the wrong path. That's why checking facts, doing research, can provide knowledge that can protect you.
Religions and goverments have been using the blind faith and "need to know" trick for ages; with devastating effects on the human population.
Let's hope we've learned something here.