Sunday, March 19, 2006

U.S will nuke itself, to have reason to nuke Iran

U.S will nuke itself, to have reason to nuke Iran

Yes a harsh statement, but all the indicators point to this reality.
Let’s examine the facts.

Bush & Co have been wanting to make war with Iran for quite some time now. Part of the overall plan for global domination.
The rhetoric from US toward Iran has increased dramatically in the past few months.

WMD has been proven to be a lie. If the lie worked once why not try it again.

* Escalating rhetoric, continued losses in Iraq, Bush’s political problems, and an ideologically-driven pursuit of power make the possibility of a U.S. military attack on Iran - however reckless and however dangerous its consequences - a frighteningly real possibility.
* Iran is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has not violated the Treaty. While there appear to be unresolved issues regarding full transparency, its nuclear program, including enriching uranium, is perfectly legal under NPT requirements for non-nuclear weapons states.
* Iran does not have nuclear weapons; even if it is trying to build a nuclear weapons program, it could not produce weapons for five to ten years or more.
* There is a dangerous, unmonitored and provocative nuclear arsenal in the Middle East; it belongs to Israel, not Iran. U.S. hypocrisy and double standards in nuclear policy, accepting Israel’s unacknowledged nuclear arsenal and rewarding India’s nuclear weapons status while threatening war against Iran and denying its own obligations under the NPT, has undermined Washington’s claimed commitment to non-proliferation.

It’s been a few years since Bush landed on an aircraft carrier and claimed victory in Iraq. We’ve seen this is a lie. With mounting costs and the US army strained to it’s limit in Iraq. The only way to wage war in Iran is to nuke em.

Of course the rest of the world would not accept this.
The only way to gain support is to nuke themselves and blame it on Iran.
Maybe, like last time, a passport will be “found” in the debris.

With the economy faltering, Bush has to sign bills that do not pass congress.

This nuclear event may be coming sooner than we think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nonsense, IF they needed that sort of justification it would be far easier to nuke Israel and blame Iran and then watch the Israelis sterilise the whole of Persia. Then the US can step in and look like the good guys by stopping it all. End result is the same but without having to openly use any nukes.

Of course either scenario is as likely to happen as me being abducted by aliens on my way to the pizza shop.

3:05 PM  

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