Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's Amazing

It's amazing
I was amazed this weekend, to find out, how people refuse to accept logic; if it goes against what they have been programmed to think.
So much that they are willing to admit, they do not what to know the truth.

Let me explain.
Having coffee and conversation at a neighbors house. The discussion led to terrorism.
I explained if you follow facts, never discard any fact you can find the truth.

This is evidence that a plane hit the building.

This is evidence that a plane DID NOT hit the building

Plane crashes leave debris

Pentagon lawn has no debris

(click here for larger image)

(click here for larger image)

If you still believe that a plane hit the pentagon.
(Click here!)

So the facts point us to the reality, flight 77 did not hit the pentagon.
Missle, global hawk, another plane, just useless speculation.
Used to divert us from the logical conclusion.

This is the fact that people are not willing to think about,
because is goes against what they have been programmed to think,
of their government.

When confronted with these facts, people go into denial and say they do not want to know the truth. My neighbor told me "I know some of the truth but I do not want to think about the whole truth". Cognitive dissonance. Doublespeak. Big Brother at work.


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